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Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor DVD Game


Something strange is taking place at Blackmoor Manor, a mysterious fourteenth century English mansion. At the manor, Linda Penvellyn appears to be hiding from something or someone menacing. By finding clues and interacting with characters as Nancy Drew, you can discover the truth behind the Curse of Blackmoor Manor. The game mirrors the popular Nancy Drew computer game franchise without requiring a computer. All you need is a DVD player and remote control to become the next Nancy Drew. Delve into the dark legends lurking in the shadows of an old English mansion. Playing as Nancy Drew, you will search for clues and solve puzzles to discover the secret behind the curse of Blackmoor Manor. A mysterious malady keeps the lady of Blackmoor Manor hidden behind thick bed curtains. The adventure game formula combines storytelling and humor immersed in rich, realistic environments. The first person point of view allows you to experience the mystery through Nancy’s eyes and interact with an intriguing cast of characters.

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  • Based on the award-winning pc game franchise with over 4 million units sold
  • First-person gameplay
  • Detailed environment and cast of characters make you feel like you’re really in Blackmoor Manor
  • Suspects move, sleep and interact according to game time schedules
  • Recommended age range 10 years and above

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