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1808 Admiral Gardner Shipwreck Coin 10 Cash East India Company


Lost off the British Coast for 175 Years, This 10 Cash Coin Can Finally Tell Its Tales!

On January 24th, 1809, three ships owned by the East India Company set sail from London. The three ships, including the Admiral Gardner, sank in a storm barely 80 miles out from London. The Admiral Gardner sat at the bottom of the sea until she was rediscovered and gave up her cargo of 10 Cash coins in 1984.

Now, you can own one of these 10 Cash bronze coins, struck for the East India Company. Each is guaranteed as genuine by

The coin bears the East India Company’s iconic logo on the obverse. It was one of the first coins to be minted by the steam press process and was meant to fuel trade in India, which the company ruled at the time. However, the coin could only be used for goods and services if it actually got there. Unfortunately, on one fateful night, it only traveled as far as the West British coastline.

This is one of the most famous shipwrecks in history, and securing this genuine example of the 10 Cash East India coin will make a worthy addition to any coin collection. Order yours today!

Read more about the shipwreck here: Admiral Gardner Shipwreck



  • The Admiral Gardner Ship sank on January 25th, 1809
  • Two centuries passed before treasure could be recovered
  • This is one of those recovered 10 Cash East India Company Coin
  • Coin available set in Money Clip or as a coin without clip

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